Sunday, June 23, 2024

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    Embracing Comfort and Sustainability: Summer Fashion’s Eco-Friendly Evolution

    “From Breathable Fabrics to Ethical Production: A Closer Look at Summer Fashion’s Eco-Conscious Movement”

    Breathable Fabrics Indians are setting up their wardrobe for the summer, pulling out their light cotton, linen and khadi clothes. It is time to be “eco-conscious” in what you wear, say fashion designers and industry executives.

    Cotton, khadi, silk blends and linens are in vogue, taking new forms in jackets, capes, saris and lehenga tops. “In 2024, India’s sustainable fashion scene is set for a transformative and eco-conscious summer. With a rising awareness among consumers about sustainability issues, driven by initiatives such as Make in India, the country is witnessing a significant shift towards environmentally friendly practices,” says Sanjay Gupta, vice chancellor.

    Latest Posts

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