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    PM Narendra Modi Comments on ‘Shakti’ Row, Highlights Alleged Silence of DMK and Congress on Interfaith Matters

    PM Narendra Modi said the DMK and the INDIA bloc say they would destroy Shakti.

    Salem: Referring to Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Shakti’ remark, PM Narendra Modi on Tuesday said INDIA bloc allies Congress and DMK have the propensity to insult the Hindu religion. He said they never speak against other religions.

    “INDI alliance deliberately insult Hindu Dharma and every statement against Hindu Dharma is well thought of. Congress-DMK INDI alliance never speak against other religions. But they do not take a second to insult Hindu Dharma,” he said at a rally in Tamil Nadu’s Salem.

    He said the DMK, Congress and the INDIA bloc say they would destroy Shakti.

    “Mariamman yahan ki Shakti hai. In Tamil Nadu Kanchi Kamakshi is ‘Shakti’, Madurai Meenakshi is ‘Shakti’…Congress, DMK and INDI alliance says they will destory this (Shakti),” he added.

    PM Modi said in Hinduism, Shakti means women power, mother’s power, but the INDIA bloc allies say they will destroy it.

    PM Modi said Tamil Nadu has made up its mind to vote for the BJP.

    “DMK and Congress are two sides of the same coin. DMK and Congress means- Big corruption and one family rule. When the country got rid of Congress, the country reached 5G technology. But in Tamil Nadu DMK is running its own 5G- one family’s fifth generation to have control over Tamil Nadu,” he said.

    “You all are witness to the kind of behaviour INDI alliance does with women. When former state CM J. Jayalalithaa was alive you all know how DMK leaders behaved with her. This is DMK’s real face,” he added.

    What Rahul Gandhi had said?

    At Mumbai’s Shivaji Park on Sunday, Gandhi invoked ‘Shakti’ to question the electronic voting machines (EVM). “There is a word ‘Shakti’ (might) in Hinduism…We are fighting against a Shakti (might of the state). The question is, what is that Shakti and what does it entail for us? The soul and integrity of EVMs have been traded to the King (Modi). This is a fact. Not just EVMs but every autonomous institution of the country, be it the ED, CBI or Income Tax department, have traded their spines to the Centre,” he said.

    On Monday, Rahul Gandhi claimed PM Modi had twisted the meaning of his Shakti remark.

    “Modi ji does not like my words. He tries to twist my statements and change the meaning, because he knows that I have spoken a deep truth,” Gandhi said in a post on social platform X.


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