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    Meena Sankranti 2024: Dates, Puja Timings, Rituals, Significance, and Comprehensive Guide to the Hindu Festival

    Meena Sankranti 2024: Know the date, puja timings, rituals, significance and all you need to know about the auspicious festival of Meena Sankranti inside.

    Meena Sankranti 2024: The holy festival of Meena Sankranti is celebrated annually with fervour. The day is considered significant by Hindu devotees as it is an auspicious day to perform various religious activities, giving food and clothes to Brahmins and the needy, and more. The festival marks the beginning of the twelfth and last month in the Hindu Solar Calendar and occurs during the month of Phalguna. It also marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

    According to Drik Panchang, there are twelve Sankrantis in the year, and each of them is highly auspicious for Dan-Punya (charity) activities. And Meena Sankranti is considered one of the most auspicious occasions. On this day, only a certain time duration before or after the Sankranti moment is considered auspicious for performing Sankranti-related charity activities. Scroll down to learn about the correct date, puja timings, rituals, significance and more about Meena Sankranti.

    Meena Sankranti 2024 Date and Puja timings:

    Meena Sankranti falls on March 14, Thursday, this year. Meanwhile, the Meena Sankranti holy period will last from 12:46 pm to 6:29 pm on March 14. The Maha Punya Kaal for Meena Sankranti will begin at 12:46 pm and end at 2:46 pm on the same day. Meanwhile, the moment of Meena Sankranti is at 12:46 pm.

    According to Panchang, the Sun God travels from one zodiac sign to another every month. When Lord Surya transits into the Pisces zodiac sign (Meen Rashi) from Kumbh Rashi, on that auspicious day, people celebrate Meena Sankranti.

    Meena Sankranti 2024 Significance and Rituals:

    Worshipping Lord Surya is considered auspicious on the day of Meena Sankranti. On the auspicious day, devotees should take a bath in the holy rivers, worship the Sun God and donate as per their capacity. On this day, people perform various religious activities such as havan and yajna, offering prayers and taking a holy dip in the Ganga river. This day is considered auspicious to pray to Lord Surya and offer him arghaya (fill a copper pot with water, red flowers, red sandalwood and jaggery) while chanting Surya Mantra. People are also advised to get involved in donations and charity. They donate money and clothes to Brahmins and needy people.

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