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    Holi 2024: Unveiling Fashion and Beauty Trends Inspired by Alia Bhatt and Deepika Padukone

    From sensuous sarees reminiscent of Alia Bhatt’s iconic look to comfortable co-ords channeling Deepika Padukone’s effortless chic, there’s a style for every mood


    Dive into the world of Bollywood glamour this Holi with sensational fashion and beauty trends inspired by your favorite celebrities. From sensuous sarees reminiscent of Alia Bhatt’s iconic look to comfortable co-ords channeling Deepika Padukone’s effortless chic, there’s a style for every mood. Embrace the eclectic charm of tie and dye outfits inspired by Disha Patani, or add a modern twist to traditional chikankari kurta, taking cues from Janhvi Kapoor’s trendsetting allure.

    And why not unleash your inner superhero with vibrant capes a la Sonam Kapoor? Complement your stylish ensemble with makeup trends straight from the celebrity playbook, from graphic liners to mesmerizing monochromatic looks.

    Complete your Holi look with hairstyles inspired by your favorite Bollywood beauties, ensuring your hair steals the spotlight at every celebration.

    This Holi, Shraysi Dang, Faculty, Fashion Styling and Image Design, Pearl Academy shares tips that would reflect the vibrancy and glamour of Bollywood stars, and would help you make a statement.

    1. Sensuous Sarees Indulge in the timeless elegance of sensuous sarees and embody the essence of Bollywood glamour, evoking the spirit of Alia Bhatt’s iconic look from Rocky aur Rani. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant colours that wrap you in sophistication while igniting your inner goddess with a subtle hint of sensuality. From mesmerising tie and dye patterns to the traditional charm of leheriya, and the captivating allure of multicoloured ombres, explore the diverse array of options available to adorn yourself in sheer beauty and grace.
    2. Comfortable Co-ords: Embrace the comfort and style of coordinated outfits with inspiration from Deepika Padukone, who effortlessly combines comfort and chic in her denim co-ord. Follow suit with breezy co-ords like Sara Ali Khan’s, which allow you to dance like no one is watching. Picture vibrant colours, relaxed silhouettes, and lightweight fabrics for a look that exudes both ease and elegance.
    3. Eclectic Tie and Dye: Dive into the eclectic charm of tie and dye outfits, inspired by the effortlessly cool style of Disha Patani. league of laid-back coolness with a tie-and-dye ensemble. Take cue from fashion icon Gigi, who is renowned for seamlessly blending high fashion with laid-back vibes, making her the perfect muse for a Holi look that’s both trendy and full of personality. Picture quirky patterns, bold colours, and a vibe that screams ‘I’m here to party’. It’s a splash of fun guaranteed to turn heads and spark attention.
    4. Chikankari with a Twist: Gone are the days of the plain white chikankari kurta. Instead, opt for a kurta with an ombre colour palette to add a modern twist, inspired by none other than the style maven herself, Janhvi Kapoor. Imagine yourself slipping into a fashion dream where elegance meets trendsetting allure. Get ready to grace the festival with your blend of sophistication and glamour!
    5. Resplendent Capes: Take inspiration from the ever-stylish Sonam Kapoor and unleash your inner superhero with vibrant capes this Holi. Because who says capes are just for saving the world? Add a pop of colour with your choice of bottoms and pair it with a white t-shirt or a noodle strap top. Let the cape billow in the Holi breeze and witness yourself becoming the superhero of style.
    6. Make-Up Get ready to unleash your inner glam goddess this Holi with makeup trends straight from the celebrity playbook. Take cues from the stars and dive into the world of graphic liners, where bold lines and playful shapes add a dynamic edge to your festive look. Embrace the vibrant spirit of Holi with colour-pop makeup, experimenting with bold and bright shades that mirror the festival’s lively essence. Follow the mesmerizing monochromatic makeup trend of 2024, as exemplified by Sonam Kapoor. Elevate your makeup game with holographic touches, adding an ethereal shimmer that captures the festival’s colourful vibes. And for an extra touch of glamour, don’t shy away from rhinestones – strategically placed gems that bring a hint of sparkle, transforming your face into a dazzling canvas. This Holi, let your makeup be as festive as the celebrations themselves.


    Dive into the festive spirit with hairstyles inspired by the glamour of your favourite celebrities. Add an edgy twist with quirky braids, as seen on Alia, or feel the bohemian vibes with textured waves like Deepika. For those seeking a carefree vibe, opt for the messy ponytail, capturing playful spontaneity while maintaining a laid-back yet glamorous aesthetic. Experiment with half buns, a trend championed by Sonam Kapoor, for a perfect blend of casual charm and sophistication. And for a touch of beachy chic, let your hair cascade in wavy locks, a style adored by many Bollywood beauties. This Holi, let your hair steal the spotlight.

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